Astra Twin Top Roof Repairs
For all aspects of Vauxhall/Opel Astra Twin top roof repairs
Are you having problems with you roof not working, stopping at various points whenever it feels like it. Do you get a bonging when driving over 18 mph and or the boot lid remaining locked so that you can not open it to get the shopping out. Possibly one parcel shelf flap sticking or not opening at all. Any or all of the above?
If so then you already know you have got a roof related problem, but you may not want to go to a dealer for a costly repair, which initially will cost in the region of £80.00 just for half an hour diagnostics. Best of all that does not actually cover the cost of anything other than retrieving any fault codes.
This is where we can help as we have been carrying out repairs for a good few years now and have between us repaired in excess of 1500 vehicles with a good variety of roof related faults ranging from the simplest of wiring repairs to repairing roof ecu's.
Most works completed within two hours (obviously variable though depending on the fault) so no need to leave the car. Just wait, chat and then you can see what works have been done so there is nothing to hide. 
The most common repairs can generally be carried out for a cost of less than a dealer would charge just for diagnostic, which in some cases will not even show the fault.
All diagnostics are carried out using Tech2 with access to Global Tis. 
Once initial diagnostics have been carried out the necessary repair will be done. Thorough testing of the roof will then be carried out.
When finished a full car fault code check will be done. Any current faults will be noted so that you can have them looked at in the future if you wish. All fault codes will be cleared. It can be surprising how many old codes can be stored so it is good to have a clear out every now and again. Really this should be done at services, but it is surprising how often it is not.
So whatever your roof related problem is we can help. Just contact us via the info on the contact page. 
For ECU repairs it would be best to contact Dennis directly via the details on the contact page.
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