Astra Twin Top Roof Repairs
Parcel Shelf Flap Machined Gears

A very common problem is for the plastic gear to get damaged and cause either one or both flaps to not open or just the motor to spin if the gear has completely stripped. 

Very simple to remedy by swapping the plastic gears for a quality CNC machined metal one. 

This can be done before the plastic one starts to cause any problems as a preventative measure so as not to leave you with a half open roof at a most inconvenient time and then having to wait for the recovery people to arrive only to be told they do not know how to put the roof up manually.
Testing and repairs to the Roof ECU

We offer a testing and repair service for your roof ecu's if you think that they may be faulty.
The testing service can be carried out either by you coming to us and then we can test or the ecu can be posted. 
If testing in person then you can come to either location. For repairs and postal testing then please do contact Dennis directly. 
Exchange units can be offered, but for these there would be a surcharge that would need to be paid and then refunded upon receipt of your old unit which must be in a serviceable condition.
All types of wiring faults and repairs carried out.
Manual reset after putting the roof up manually. This should not normally be necessary, but more often than not the job is not completed even by Vauxhall.
Checking and topping up the hydraulic Oil.
Pump relay replacement.
Refurbishment of the parcel shelf motors, trunk lid arrestor and various other items.
Basically anything to do with the roof can be done. 

We get calls and email most days from trade and private people asking if we can help diagnose roof problems many of which are too far to travel to us or even in another country so we now offer for a small fee a remote diagnostic service.
 In most cases we like you to have Tech2, MDI, Op-com or something similar that can read live data/fault codes from the roof ECU. With this information you will need to be able to forward it to us by email, text/call.  We will then supply the info needed to move forward with your repair. Using this method we have remotely repaired many cars, but you must also be fairly practical to be able to understand what needs to be done.